Flower and Garden Festival

These pictures of the 2009 Flower and Garden festival pictures were taken on a very rainy weekend in may. I hope that you can still see how beautiful the flowers and topiaries are even in the rain.

Aladdin topiary in the  Morocco pavilian at Epcot

Captain Hook topiary at the 2009 Flower and Garden Festival

I love all the topiaries! They are my favorite part of the festival. Aladdin sits in front of the Morocco pavilion and Captain Hook is located between two countries.

Outdoor Flower and Garden stand located on the World Showcase walkway

Green Garden at the 2009 Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

If you are inspired by all of the beautiful plants and flowers at the festival you can purchase garden related items from the sidewalk kiosks that are located along the World Showcase promenade.

2009 Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot

lady and the Tramp topiary in the Italy pavilion at Epcot

Lady and the Tramp sit beside each other at the Italy pavilion. How sweet!

Bambi and Friends topiary located in Canada at Epcot

Butterfly topiary at the Butterfly Garden near Test Track in Future World

Bambi and friends greet people as they walk through the Canada pavilion. The giant butterfly sits outside the butterfly garden that sits along the path between Test Track and the walking path to the World Showcase.

Dragon topiary in the China pavilion in the World Showcase

Topiary flowers located in Future World

Goofy topiary located on path connecting the World Showcase with the Imagination pavilion

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