Disney World Parks

A family vacation to any of the four Disney World Parks can be a magical experience. It can also be frustrating and exhausting if you do not prepare for the enormity of the Walt Disney World Resort.

The Walt Disney World Resort is indeed a world in and of itself. Disney as a whole is huge and can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Disney World includes numerous resorts ranging in cost from value to luxury, four major Disney World parks, two water parks, a shopping complex, golf courses and much, much more.

Some people say that Disney World is the happiest place on earth. I happen to agree with them. There is just something about the Disney World parks that is truly magical. A visit to Disney always seems to bring out my free spirited creative childlike self that sometimes gets lost in my everyday routine.

My love of Disney often makes me forget that there are many other fun things to do and exciting attractions to see in Orlando. After your visit to Disney World make sure you spend some time discovering all that Orlando has to offer.

Magic Kingdom

A visit to the Magic Kingdom always makes me feel like a kid again. Why? From the moment you walk into the park you are transported to a different day and time when life was simple and the only purpose you had was to have fun. Now if that is not magical, I don't know what is. Imagine what it will be like to escape the stress and responsibility of your everyday life. When you spend the day in the Magic Kingdom, you can let your imagination run wild. The Magic starts the moment you enter this Disney World park. Your escape begins when you stand on Main Street USA looking down the street toward Cinderella Castle. When you see the castle for the first time, you suddenly believe that all your hopes and dreams can come true.

When you stand there on Main Street, the smells of fresh popped popcorn and fresh baked cookies instantly put you in a better mood. Let go of all the stress in your life and have fun. It really does not matter where you begin or end your day in the Magic Kingdom because everything in between will be magical. Let your imagination run wild and have the time of your life.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios is the smallest of the four Disney World Parks and was known as Disney's MGM Studios until 2008. But big surprises often come in small packages. Hollywood Studios has something to offer guests of all ages. Preschoolers love to see their favorite Playhouse Disney characters at the Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage attraction. Older people who are fans of the golden age of Hollywood seem to like the look and feel to the architectural design and details throughout the park.

The generations in between the very young and the not so old have plenty of excitement awaiting them. Disney's Hollywood Studios is home to two of Disney's most popular thrill rides, The Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel and the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Gather up your courage and buckle up tight because you are going to have the time of your life.


This Disney World Park is divided into two main sections known as Future World and the World Showcase, both opened in 1982. Epcot provides a different kind of theme park experience. Both sections of the park has a lot of fun and excitement for all ages.

Epcot: Future World

The focus of the Future World section of Epcot is on invention, education and research in technology. Don't worry. If it sounds a little boring to you, Disney has a way in making learning new things fun. The attractions engage the imagination and encourage you to discover new information that might be new to you.

Future World also focuses on the environment and our natural resources. Several attractions entertain guests while educating them about ocean life and agriculture. The thrill ride junkie will not be disappointed in Future World. Mission Space, Soarin' and Test Track will all have you holding on to the edge of your seat.

Epcot: World Showcase

The World Showcase section of Epcot is a wonderful place to learn about different countries from around the world. Each of the 11 pavilions positioned around the World Showcase Lagoon offers guests a chance to experience the culture of the country without having to jet half way around the globe.

Each country has an attraction, an educational movie and/or a ride to immerse guests in the culture. Don't forget the shopping opportunities and the food either as they are both authentic to the country as are the cast members. Many, if not all, of the cast members that work in the countries found in the World Showcase have been hired and brought to the United States to work at Disney to make your experience in the countries more authentic and enjoyable.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Last of the four Disney World Parks is Disney's Animal Kingdom. It is a different kind of Disney theme park, but not the same kind of "different" as Epcot. Disney's Animal Kingdom focuses on wildlife and the environment. Disney has combined the excitement and thrill of a classic theme park with the beauty and adventure of a zoo / wildlife preserve. Together the two make for one amazing experience.

So put on your explorer's hat and be prepared to have an up-close and amazing encounter with nature.

To find out about the price of admission for theme park tickets click on the link. Before planning your vacation, take a look to see if any special events or closures are taking place during the time of your scheduled visit. To learn about Park hours, attraction closures and/or refurbishments visit the official Disney Web Site.

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