Kid Friendly Vacations to Disney

Kid Friendly Vacations are expected at Disney World. Even families with teens can have fun because Disney has something to offer everyone in the family. Disney vacations are made for dreaming and for making magical memories but if someone in your group or family isn't happy then the entire trip can be ruined. If you are dreaming of taking kid friendly vacations to Disney that will appeal to everyone in your family, even your teenager, then you have come to the right place! We provide all the information you will ever need to know in order to make your next family vacation to Disney magical.

Have you ever wanted to be a treasure seeking pirate or maybe even a beautiful fairy tale princess? At Disney World, all of these dreams can be turned into reality. A pirate can find more than enough action packed fun and adventure to keep him from wanting to walk the plank. And the Magic Kingdom is certainly the enchanted kingdom of choice for any princess.

This is our family in the picture above, everyone except me because well I'm taking the picture. You can meet me by visiting here.

Maybe this is why our family loves everything about the Walt Disney World Resort. My husband began visiting the theme parks when they opened and, as a family, we have visited that very special mouse several times a year since 1993.

Our three teenagers, ages 17, 15 and 14 never seem to get tired of what the resort has to offer.

So we thought we would share all of the things we love about this magical destination with you. We will share our thoughts and recommendations for resorts, restaurants, theme parks and so much more. And, we invite you to share your family vacation magical memories with us too.

Even our children will give their opinions and advice in "kid commentary" throughout the site. Kid Commentary will be identified with different character icons. When you see them please take a minute to read what the children have to say!

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They have their favorite rides, restaurants, hotels and characters and I would be willing to bet that your child or children, even your teenagers, have their favorites too? What are their favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom or who is their favorite disney characters?

What is it about Disney that makes it your favorite destination for kid friendly vacations?

We invite you to share your personal stories and memories from your Disney vacations with us by creating your own web page about your kid friendly vacations at Disney World. All you have to do is find an area that is of interest to you on our magical memories page, click on that link and then fill out the form found on the page that you selected. Once you have filled out the form and submitted it to us we will review your story and notify you when your page has been created. It’s that easy!! If you would like to see an example of some pages that were submitted by other people, check out a Mouse Tail and Tried and True Magic Kingdom Favorites.

This magical world is definitely the place where all of your family vacation dreams can come true. There are so many things to do and different things to experience that everyone in the family, young or old, will be happy. Our family invites you to check out our site and all of the information, experiences and memories that we have to offer. Maybe our love for the mouse will encourage and inspire your family to take many kid friendly vacations to Disney World too.

So what are you waiting for...

Start Packing!

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