Epcot Special Events

Epcot special events occur throughout the year. Every spring Epcot hosts the Flower and Garden Festival where Disney themed topiaries and millions of blooming flowers decorate the park. In the fall the International Food and Wine Festival celebrates the cuisine from over 30 countries. Special programs are also held around the holidays.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Mickey Mouse topiary at Disney World

Celebrate spring with Disney at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival. This Epcot special event is for anyone who loves flowers and gardening. For six weeks each spring Epcot puts an extra emphasis on the flowers and gardens in the park. Disney inspired topiaries adorn the landscape throughout the park and the roses that line the walkway between the imagination pavilion and the world showcase are in full bloom. I love to walk through this section of the park. The smell of all the roses is simply amazing.

Flowering cactus at Epcot

During the festival, Epcot has special workshops and behind-the-scene tours for guests to take part in. Special speakers and concerts are also held for guests to enjoy . Everyone (except for maybe me) can learn how to create gorgeous gardens from world renown gardeners or watch how-to demonstrations by Disney horticulturists who make special appearances during the festival. I say everyone except me because as my kids will tell you, I can kill an artificial plant. No kidding, I don't have a green thumb, I have a black thumb. I am OK with that because my inability to grow anything doesn't affect my ability to enjoy the beautiful creations and displays at Disney.

Last year, the kids really liked the butterfly garden that was part of the festival. It was just a small walk through tent that held plants and lots of butterflies. It was fun. Be sure to pick up a festival brochure from guest relations to find out event times and locations.

New 2009 Flower and Garden Festival Pictures

Our visit to this years Flower and Garden Festival was wet! We went a few days before Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunatly it rained most of the day we were in Epcot so my pictures are not as nice as I would have liked them to be but you can still see that the topiaries are beautiful.

Check how these new pictures.

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

2007 Food and Wine Festival

The most popular Epcot Special Event each year is the International Food ans Wine Festival. From mid September through mid November each year,the World Showcase at Epcot celebrates the delicious foods and wines from over 30 different countries. Each country represented at the festival has a kiosk or booth set up on the World Showcase promenade, that sell small sample size portions of food. Each country also sells wine or beer representative of the country only the sizes are not samples. The serving size is normal for a glass of wine or for a beer.

The prices for these samples range between $2 and $7. If you sample one thing from each country, the cost add up quickly. Be prepared to pay up or take a friend to share the food and the cost.

If you plan on drinking and eating your way around the countries, you should pace yourself. The first time we visited during the festival, one of our the girls hit me in the arm to get my attention and said look mom something is wrong with that man over there, he is walking sideways. The only thing that was wrong with the man was that he had enjoyed himself a bit too much.

Parents should take note that the number of drunk people who walk around the World Showcase increase as the day goes on. So, if you have small children in tow and you do not want to explain the strange behavior of these people to them, you might consider going early in the day.

Sweet Sunday demonstration at Epcot 2007

Besides the food samples, special seminars and food demonstrations are held throughout the festival. For example, Sundays are called Sweet Sundays because each Sunday a celebrity pastry chef hosts a breakfast/brunch and a cooking demonstration.

Mack, our oldest daughter, loves to cook and wants to be a pastry chef (at Disney ) when she grows up. Two years ago we surprised her for her birthday and took her to she Colette Peters ( one of her favorite pastry chefs) on a Sweet Sunday. It was a fun, informative day. Oh yeah, you get to eat what the chef cooks during the demonstration. Yum! The cost of this event was around $75 per person.

To find out about other Epcot special events that take place during the Food and Wine festival ,please visit the official Disney Website for more details. A schedule of events for the 2010 festival should be available starting in Augusta.

Holidays Around the World

Every year from late November through December Epcot celebrates the holidays with a nightly Candlelight Processional which includes a choral concert and the reading of the Christmas story by a celebrity narrator. The choral group is accompanied with a 50 piece orchestra.

There is also a nightly tree lighting ceremonies complete with Disney characters. The walkway between Future World and the World Showcase is covered by a bright and sparkling "Canopy of Lights".

If you are not in the holiday spirit before your visit to Epcot, you will be when you leave. The decorations and lights are everywhere and they are simply breathtaking.

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