Universe of Energy

At the Universe of Energy, Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy both host and narrate this 45 minute presentation about the history and future of energy. The presentation uses three different short movies and a tram ride to educate you (and Ellen) about energy.

The Universe of Energy Pavilion at Epcot

During the first movie segment, Ellen dreams she is competing on the game show Jeopardy against her college roommate.

Ellen has trouble answering the questions concerning energy, so during a commercial break she puts the game on hold to seek help from her neighbor Bill Nye. He helps her learn by taking her on a journey through time.

Dinosaurs outside The Universe of Energy Pavilion at Epcot

For the second part of the show you board a slow moving tram that transports you back in time past prehistoric trees and dinosaurs.

The third part continues with Bill's energy review for Ellen. You will learn how people have used energy throughout time. This part of the show also addresses where energy comes from and how we can conserve energy. It briefly mentions solar and wind generated power.

Once the history lesson is over, Ellen returns to her game of Jeopardy with a renewed sense of confidence. She even beats her old collage roommate.

Although the show is informative, it is a bit outdated. There is not any mention of a fuel crisis, fuel efficiency or alternative fuel sources.

To go along with the energy theme, the rooftop on the Energy Pavilion has two acres of solar panels that produce 15 percent of the electricity required to run this attraction in Future World.

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