Disney's Pop Century Resort

Disney's Pop Century Entrance

Disney's Pop Century Resort will take you back in time through the decades of the 20th century. This fun resort pays tribute to the popular culture of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and the 90's. When you stay at this resort, you can relive days gone by with a stroll down memory lane. You might just experience a nostalgic feeling as you encounter giant reminders of what was popular back in the day.

Disney's Pop Century Resort is the fourth and last value class resort accommodations that is offered by Disney. It has standard size hotel rooms with 260 square feet and sleeps a maximum of 4 people. Each room has either two double beds or one king bed. So, if your family has more than four people, you will need to book two connecting rooms.

As with the other value resorts, the bathrooms at the Pop Century Resort has a single sink and vanity which is separated from the tub and toilet area. You will need to bring your own hair dryer if you will need one or call house keeping from your room to have them bring you one free of charge.

Pop Century Resort  Room Interior

The room also has the typical table with two chairs, a small dresser to store your clothes and a TV to watch as you wind down at night. The prices at this value resort ranges from $82.00/night during value season to around $152.00/night during holiday seasons.

The unique theme of this resort, is of course, the popular culture of the 20th century. Every decade from the 50's to the 90's is represented at the resort in Disney fashion.

50's jukebox at Disney's Pop Century Resort

The 50's are remembered for its famous music played on jukeboxes and sock hop dances.

Bowling pin pool at Disney's Pop Century Resort

The bowling pin shaped swimming pool in this area represents one of the favorite past times of the decade.

Flower power rules in the 60's. Tye dye, bright colors and groovy flowers decorate the buildings and represent the decade. Disney has used giant Yo-Yo's to disguise the stair wells on several buildings paying tribute to the simple toy of choice from that day and time.

Pop Century Resort  Icon

The 70's gave us disco dancing, mood rings, and 8-track tapes. Give your children a reason to laugh. Tell them that you used to listen to your music from 8-track tapes instead of CDs or iPods.

The 80's was the decade for BIG hair, parachute pants and the Sony Walkman. The pool in this area is in the shape of a computer.

Last but not least, the 90's gave us our first cell phones and computers. Our children can't believe how big cell phones and computers were when they first came out. Technology sure has come a long way!

Pop Century Lobby

The main building at the resort is Classic Hall. It houses the lobby and front desk where you check in upon arrival.

Pop Century Gift shop

This is where you will also find the resort's gift shop, the food court and the arcade. Outside of this main building is where you can take advantage of the bus transportation provided by the resort.

Disney's Pop Century Resort isn't just for adults. Staying at this resort is fun for the whole family. Even though your children might not know what a jukebox or an 8-track tape is, they will certainly know a Mr. Potato Head and Play Dough when they see them.

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