Magical Mountains

by Ashley

My trip to the Magic Kingdom would not be complete without riding all of the "mountain" rides. These are the rides that I consider to be the thrill rides of the park.

Space Mountain is cool because it is in the dark. I love it because you never know what is coming around the next turn. It makes it more exciting.

The wait line is often very long for Space Mountain but Disney has recently added new interactive games that guests can play while waiting in line. It helps make the wait time a little less boring.

My second favorite is Splash Mountain. Why? It is a water ride with a BIG, BIG drop. The story line is cute too, but the drops are what make it thrilling.

The third mountain ride in the Magic Kingdom is Big Thunder Mountain. It is an old fashioned roller coaster that goes fast and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

After I ride all of these rides, I will then go enjoy the many other fun things to do in the Magic Kingdom but these three are by far my favorites.

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