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Hopefully, this page will provide you with some of Disney's Magic Kingdom information so that your visit to the park will be as stress free as possible. Going on a vacation is little bit stressful for most people especially if you do not know what to expect from your destination of choice once you arrive. Most people feel that vacationing should be spontaneous therefore they do not plan any of the details of the trip other than how to get to the desired location. I am not one of those people. I like to be prepared for the "what ifs" so that I will have a plan of action in case the need arises. My "what if" situation could be as simple as What if my child needs first aid while in the park? Or What if I forget to bring my camera? Whatever it is I like to be prepared.

The Magic Kingdom information listed below is to help you be prepared for your visit to Disney's Magic Kingdom too!

Baby Care Facilities

A baby care center is located behind the Crystal Palace Restaurant to help meet all of your baby care needs. The center provides nursing areas that give a little privacy for the nursing mom. If you have forgotten or have run out of baby supplies, most shops in the Magic Kingdom sell diapers and a few other items like pacifiers. You will need to ask the cast member at the register for these items because they are kept behind the counter.

Camera Needs

Disposable cameras and camera supplies like batteries, memory cards and photo CDs can be purchased at The Camera Center in the Town Square Exposition Hall at the Magic Kingdom. You can even have your images transferred from your memory card to a CD at this location too.

Disability Information

Almost all of the Magic Kingdom Attractions, restaurants and shops are accessible to guests using wheelchairs. To acquire what services are available to guests with visual and/or hearing disabilities or any other Magic Kingdom information, please visit the Guests Relations office located in City Hall just inside the park entrance. Disney offers a Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities that provides details about the different services that are available, including transportation, parking, and attraction accessibility throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

To request and receive a free copy of this guidebook before your trip, write: Disney World Guest Correspondence
P.O. Box 10000
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830

First Aid

Our Magic Kingdom information list would not be complete without talking about first aid. A first aid center is located behind the Crystal Palace Restaurant near the Baby Care Center. A Registered Nurse is usually on hand to help with minor medical problems such as scrapes and bruises, headaches, mild allergic reactions. They have a small selection of medications that they will administer to the patient after you sign a log book giving information such as your name, age and a brief description of the problem. Our family has used the first aid facilities at several of the theme parks throughout the years and has been given Tylenol for headaches, Benadryl for bug bites and even a brace for a twisted knee. The best part about the first aid centers is that you do not have to pay for most of the services they provide.

General Magic Kingdom Information

General Magic Kingdom information about the can be obtained from Guest Relations Center which is located just inside the park entrance at City Hall. The center has guide maps, and Times Guide to assist you as well as a group of cast members who are available to answer any questions you might have or to assist with any problems. They will be glad to assist you in making dining as well as tour reservations.


This Magic Kingdom information can save you money if you plan on renting a locker at more than one park on the same day. Rental lockers are located just inside the park entrance and also at the Transportation and Ticket Center. The cost for unlimited all day use is $7. A $5 refundable deposit is also required. If you park hop to another park on the same day and need a locker you can save the receipt and it will be honored at the second park.

Lost and Found

Guests can report any lost items and inquire about found items at City Hall located just inside the park entrance or at the Transportation and Ticket Center. If you get home and realize you have lost something while inside the park you can call 407-824-4245 to ask if the item has been found.

Lost Children

Out of all of the Magic Kingdom information that guests should know, this is the most important. Report any lost children to the nearest Disney employee as soon as possible so that efforts can be coordinated to find the lost child. You can also go to City Hall or the Baby Care Center to report lost Children. Talk with your children before you leave home about what to do in case they can not find you or if they get separated from you. Plan on a central meeting location if your child is old enough to navigate the park on his/her own or better yet have them find the nearest Disney Cast member and tell them that they are lost. It might also be helpful for children to have their parent's cell phone numbers memorized or written on something they are carrying with them into the park. Plan ahead; it will save you a lot of panic and anxiety if you do get separated from your children.

Money Matters

To exchange currency; go to City Hall located just inside the park entrance the cast members there will be glad to assist you. An ATM machine can be found at the entrance of the park near the lockers; inside City Hall; near the Shootin Arcade in Frontierland; and at the Tomorrowland Arcade next to Space Mountain. Disney accepts cash, most major credit cards, Disney gift cards, Travelers Checks and Disney resort IDs for admission, merchandise, and most restaurants. Some of the snack carts only accept cash payments.

Package Pickup

Disney provides park guests with a free service called package pickup. When making a purchase that you do not wish to carry around with you the rest of the day, request that your package is delivered to the package pickup building on Main Street for pick up between noon and park closing . This service is free, but it takes about 3 hours for the packages to be ready for pick up at the front of the park. Disney will also deliver packages to your Disney resort room or ship them to your home.


Parking for day guest at the Magic Kingdom is $11 a day. Parking is free to Disney Resort guests and annual passholders with proper ID. Trams run throughout the day to transport guest from the parking area to the Transportation and Ticket Center. Make sure you make a mental note as to where you parked your car. Parking tickets are good for reentry if used on the same day.

Pet Care

This is the most important Magic Kingdom information for guests bringing pets. The Pet Care Kennel is located at the Entrance Plaza at the Transportation and ticket Center. They provide nice, clean kennels or cages for your pet while you are inside the park. The Pet Care area is air conditioned for the comfort of your pet. To find out more information before you arrive, call 407-938-2100.

Same-Day Re-Entry

If you want to leave the park and re-enter on the same day, make sure you hold on to your ticket. Disney no longer requires guests to get their hand stamped prior to leaving the park. You will also need your ticket to prove you are a Disney resort guests if you plan on staying in the park for extra magic hours.

Security Check

Anyone entering a Disney theme park carrying a bag of any sort must have the bags searched by a security officer prior to admission. Expect small bags like purses and camera bags to be searched as well as larger bags like backpacks, diaper bags, packages and coolers. This may be a bit of an inconvenience but it for the safety of all park guests so be patient.

Strollers and Wheelchairs

Electric carts, wheelchairs and single and double strollers can be rented from Magic Kingdom. Single strollers and wheelchairs are $10 a day and double strollers are $18 a day. Electric carts are $35 a day and require a $5 refundable deposit. Wheelchair rentals are located all the way to the right after you enter through the admission gate and strollers are available under the Main Street Train station. Always hold onto your receipt if you plan on leaving the park and reentering on the same day or if you are park hopping on the same day as your rental. The Magic Kingdom always seem to have more people using strollers than at the other parks so it might be a good idea to decorate yours with something you can easily recognize.

Tip Board

Check out the Tip Board located at the end of Main Street USA for current wait times at popular attractions and for showtimes. The Tip Board is helpful bit of Magic Kingdom information when planning where you should go and what you should do first. A Disney cast member is always there to answer any questions that you might have.


This Magic Kingdom information is a bit confusing if you are new to the Disney transportation system. Guests to the Magic Kingdom who drive to the Transportation and Ticket Center can either take the 5 minute monorail trip or the 7 minute Ferry Boat trip over to the Magic Kingdom. Guests staying at the Contemporary Resort, the Polynesian Resort or the Grand Floridian Resort can reach the Magic Kingdom by way of the Monorail or by way of boat. Guests staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground and the Wilderness Lodge can also take the boat service offered by the resort. Buses run from all other Disney resorts. Guests wanting to go the Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios or Blizzard beach from the Magic Kingdom can board a bus from the Transportation and Ticket Center. Epcot can be reached by Monorail. There is not a direct bus service from the Magic Kingdom to downtown Disney or Typhoon Lagoon.

Now that you Know all of the basic Magic Kingdom information, you are well prepared for a magically stress free fun day.

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