Disney's Imagination Pavilion

Imagination Pavilion in Future World At Disney's Epcot

Journey into Imagination

Journey into Imagination Attraction in Future World

Journey into Imagination sensory lab

The main attraction in the Imagination Pavilion is Journey into Imagination. During the attractio guests visit the Imagination Institute and take a tour with Dr. Channing. Learn how your senses affect your mind with a visit to the institute's smell lab, sight lab and sound lab. During the ride you will get a glimpse into Figment's mind when you visit his upside down world. Figment, the little purple and orange dragon, believes that the imagination is something that is best captured when it is set free.

Kid Commentary from Ruby age 11

The figment ride really is not that much fun for the older kids. It takes you through a scientist convention that tests your senses. The smell part of it is kind of cute but I would still only recommend it to little kids.

Image Works: "What If" Labs

What if Lab in Epcots Imagination Pavilion

Image Lab in the Journey into imagination Attraction

This is a hands on play area that will keep you busy for hours. You can play a musical game of hopscotch or even use your arm movements to conduct a symphony of sounds.

Kid commentary from Mack age 13

The Figment ride is neat. I like going through imageworks afterwards.

Captain EO

***UPDATE Captain EO temporarily replaces Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

The legendary Captain EO starring Michael Jackson returns to Epcot theme park! Join millions of fans who thrill to the music and be awed by the visual effects magic of some of the biggest names in Hollywood during this 17-minute interactive film.

Filled with show-stopping musical numbers performed by Michael Jackson, and stunning special effects orchestrated by executive producer George Lucas and director Francis Ford Coppola, Captain EO is a sight and sound spectacular with an enduring message.

Screening in the same Imagination! Pavilion theater in which it played from 1986 to 1994, Captain EO features improved sound, thanks to acoustical enhancements made to the theater in recent years. Captain EO is filled with unforgettable music and imagery that will take a new generation of Guests on a journey to the stars.

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

Honey I Shrunk the Audience Attraction In Future World

Witness Dr. Wayne Szalinski accept the “Inventor of the Year Award” in this 3D presentation. This movie seems harmless, but be aware that young children and some adults might not like some of the special effects in the show. If you do not like creepy crawly critters like rats and snakes, I suggest that you either keep your eyes closed or skip the show all together. I personally keep my eyes shut.

During the show, Dr. Szalinski demonstrates some of his inventions when he accidentally shrinks the audience. Because the entire audience can now fit into a shoebox, the 3D effects seem much larger than life. It is a bit unnerving to see a toothy cat jump out at you. You’ll also feel the mice scurrying through the theater. The effects really are very cool, but sometimes a bit too realistic. If you like the scare factor, watch it and have a blast. But if not, it might be better to skip it.

Shopping in the Imagination Pavilion

The only shopping available in the imagination pavilion is at the exit of the “What If” labs. The shop carries a good selection of Figment merchandise along with a few other souvenir type items.

One cool thing that you can have done is have your computer generated image reproduced onto different shaped glass objects. This makes a good keepsake or gifts for the family.

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