Epcot Mission Space

Mission Space Pavilion At Epcot

Blast off with Epcot Mission Space to explore Mars. Be prepared for an out of this world white-knuckle experience when you strap yourself into the space shuttle.

There are two ways to experience this ride: the original version and the less intense, non spinning version. The choice of original or less intense version is up to you, but I would advise you to skip the more intense version if you are at all prone to motion sickness. You know you might be in trouble when barf bags are provided at each seat. So take caution and choose wisely. Both rides are the same except for the spinning motion that simulates the sensation of pulling G’s at take off. Once take off is complete and you are safely in space a sensation of weightlessness replaces the force of gravity.

Mission Space Mickey at the Mission Space Pavilion

Each space shuttle holds four passengers. Each person is assigned a specific job to complete during the mission to Mars. You are assigned one of the following four positions: navigator, captain, engineer or pilot. The assignments are made according to the seat you are seated in. You will be prompted to do your job when the time comes. Don’t worry though if you miss your voice command. You will most certainly return safely to earth regardless if you participate in the ride or not.

Should you start to feel sick during the ride, DO NOT close your eyes! The motion sickness will not be as bad if you keep focused on the screen. Another thing to consider when deciding whether to skip this ride or not is the small enclosed space in which the riders are seated. I think that the claustrophobic feeling got to me just as much if not more than did the spinning motion. If not anything else, the two combined together were a double whammy on the sickness factor. After riding this ride for the first and only time, I was done for the day.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

I like the less intense version because it doesn't spin and you still get the sensation of being in space.

Kid Commentary from Drew age 14

I like the original version of Epcot Mission Space because it makes you feel weightless.

Kid Commentary from Ruby age 11

I really like this ride because it is like a thrill ride. It is the first and maybe only ride that has two different versions. I have only been on the less intense one because I get motion sickness and beside that, my mom will not let me ride the original one.

Mission Space Interactive Games

If you choose not to ride Epcot Mission Space, you can wait in the interactive game and computer area located at the exit of the ride.

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