Sunset Boulevard

Disneys Sunset Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios is lined with palm trees, shops and restaurants just like the real Sunset Boulevard in L.A. It is home to two of Disney's popular attractions, the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith and the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Ride these two thrilling rides early in the day before they become crowded. Then after a fun day in the park, end your day on by taking in the Fantasmic firework and laser spectacular.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast live on Stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios

This is a Broadway style Musical presentation preformed several times throughout the day in the Theater of the Stars which is located on Disneys Sunset Boulevard. This heartwarming 30 minute show will entertain and delight gusts of all ages. During the show you will hear many of the hit songs from the movie Beauty and the Beast in this wonderful live stage show. Songs like Gaston, Be Our Guest, Something There and Beauty and the Beast are all included in this musical. Everything including the music, costumes and stage sets are all true to the movie.

Beauty and the Beast live on stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios

The show highlights the events in the main story line from the movie. For the most part the performance is fun and upbeat. The only exception is during The Mob Song when an angry mob storms the castle and Gaston stabs the Beast. Of course this scene upsets small children but they react favorably when the Beast reappears as the prince and dances around the stage with Belle.

Beauty and the Beast live on stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Be sure to pick up a Times Guide when you enter into the park. It lists show times and dates for this and other shows. Even though the outdoor amphitheater on Disneys Sunset Boulevard holds a ton of people, the seats fill up quickly so be sure to get there early to get a good seat.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

This is a must see for all little girls who like the movie Beauty and the Beast. There is a lot of singing and dancing in the show.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is located at the end of Disneys Sunset Boulevard. The premise of this wild roller coaster ride is that you, after visiting a recording studio, have been invited backstage to an Aerosmith concert.

The only problem is that the concert is all of the way across town and you need a ride to get you there on time. The manager of the band says she will get you there on time and calls for a limo to pick you up and get you there fast.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Disney's Hollywood Studios

When the car arrives you jump into your convertible stretch limo with 23 other Aerosmith fans. Expect to have the ride of your life so buckle up and hold on tight.

The take off or launch is fast and at almost 60 miles an hour it glues you to the back of your seat. You blast off and soar through the night streets of Los Angeles. Bright neon signs from some of Hollywood's landmarks and icons light up the ride.

Aerosmith music plays during the entire ride and blasts from the six speakers located in your car. You will loop, twist and turn your way through the dark night on your way to the Aerosmith concert. Don't worry, you will not be late.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Disney's Hollywood Studios

The first time I rode Rock 'n' Roller Coaster I was not aware that it was in the dark or that it took off with such force. I believe I almost wet my pants on that first launch. Without a doubt, it is a fast and exhilarating thrill ride. You must be 48 inches tall to ride and free from back and neck injuries. It is not recommended for expectant mothers.

Kid Commentary from Drew age 15

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is cool. It is completely in the dark, it goes really fast, and Aerosmith music plays during the ride.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is fun but scary. It goes really fast upside down and in the dark.

Kid Commentary fron Ruby age 11

I love this ride because it goes really fast in a really fast car!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Take a ride on the spooky side of Disneys Sunset Boulevard and enter the fifth dimension along with five elevator passengers that disappeared during a freak lightning storm on Halloween night back in 1939 at the Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel. During the lightning Storm an entire section of the Hotel vanished including an elevator and the five people that were in it at the time.

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios

This uneasy adventure begins while you wait in line. The Hotel still looks the same as it did in 1939. Dust and cobwebs cover the furniture, Suitcases are waiting in the lobby that was never delivered to the rooms, and the landscaping is overgrown and unkempt.

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios

In the library, a black and white TV plays and the announcer makes an invitation for you to enter the Twilight Zone.

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios

After you wait in line for a while you finally enter the boiler room where you will enter the elevator for the ride. There is no turning back once you enter the service elevator so if you think you might want to chicken out now is the time to ask the bell hop to show you the exit.

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Otherwise, find your seat and buckle up tight because the zero gravity affect will have you rising up out of your seat. On the first stop on your way to the top floor ( floor number 13 ) , the elevator doors open and you get a ghostly view of the guests that disappeared so many years before. When the doors close you continue on your journey to the top floor and enter into another dimension. The sights and sounds you hear are all from the TV series The Twilight Zone. Once you reach the top, you plummet all the way down to the bottom floor all in about 2 seconds. But the ride isn't over yet, the elevator climb and drop over and over again.

If you tend to lose your stomach on a normal elevator, you might want to sit this one out.

Kid Commentary from Drew age 15

The Tower of Terror drops you so fast you float out of your seat.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

The movie that you watch while waiting in line scares me so I close my eyes on the ride except for at the top. I do like to look out into the park when the ride is at the top.

Kid Commentary fron Ruby age 11

I lose my stomach on this ride but I still think it is fun.


Fantasmic at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Fantasmic plays nightly at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater located on Disneys Sunset Boulevard. What can I say about this laser and firework show except WOW. Out of all the shows at any of the Disney theme parks this one is certainly my favorite. The show captures the dreams of Mickey Mouse and displays them through videos that are projected onto water screens. You will see scenes from Fantasia as Mickey conducts the fountains of water to come to life. Images from many Disney movies appear on the dancing fountains and bubbles of water spray. It is all choreographed to dramatic Disney music.

Mickey's dreams soon turn into nightmares and there a battle between the powers of good and the powers of evil. Mickey goes to battle against the evil queen who declares she will "turn that little mouse's dream into a nightmare Fantasmic". Villains from many Disney film appear by the power of the evil queen.

End the end, Mickey Mouse and the powers of good win and the show explodes with a spectacular fireworks display. Before this grand finale of fireworks and lasers, a steamboat carrying dozens of Disney characters parades in front of the crowd for all to see.

Even though this outdoor theater is huge you will need to arrive very early to get a good seat. People usually start lining up 90 minutes early at the entrance on Disneys Sunset Boulevard for this show.

Kid Commentary from Drew age 15

Fantasmic is Awesome!

Disneys Sunset Boulevard Dining

Starring Rolls Cafe`-This quick service restaurant is a great place to grab breakfast on the run before you head down Disneys Sunset Boulevard. They have a pretty good selection of fresh baked pastries, bagels, fresh fruit and specialty coffees. They also have good variety of deli sandwiches for lunch as well. Starring Rolls is closed after 4 pm in the afternoon.

Fairfax Fries-serves up hot fresh McDonalds French fries.

The Sunset Ranch Market is a group of quick counter service stands that sell a good selection of snacks and fast choices for lunch and dinner. The food stand in the Sunset Ranch Market include the following.

Rosie's All-American Cafe`- This is a great outdoor place to get a quick meal on Disneys Sunset Boulevard. Choose from salads, burgers and chicken strips.

Catalina Eddies'Sells pizza, salads and sandwiches.

Toluca Legs Turkey Co. sells smoked turkey legs, salads, hot dogs, soft pretzels and a variety of drinks.

Anaheim Produce sells fresh fruits and fruir juices.

Disneys Sunset Boulevard Dining

The Tower Gifts giftshop is located in the exit lobby of the Tower of Terror located at the very end of Disneys Sunset Boulevard. They sell all sorts of merchandise like clothes and toys with Tower of Terror on them.

Rock around the Shop is located at the exit of the Rock 'n Roller Coaster ride. They sell souvenirs from the ride and Aerosmith branded items and clothes.

Villains in Vogue sells merchandise that showcases all the villains that you love to hate.

Sweet Spells is a candy shop that sells prepackaged candy and snacks and a selections of fresh baked cookies, homemade fudge, chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows. You can also get candy apples and caramel and/or fudge dipped apples. If you rather have something cold you can get a frozen fruit flavored slush. This shop is located at the Hollywood Boulevard end of Sunset Boulevard.

Sunset Ranch - This open air shop sells Disney souvenirs and gifts like hats, clothes.

Legends of Hollywood - Character figurines, apparel & souvenirs from the popular Hannah Montana Disney Channel show and also the High School Musical movies.

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