Disneys Pixar Place

Disneys Pixar Place is a small area behind The Great Movie ride where "who wants to be a millionaire" attraction used to be. Now it is the home to Disney's newest attraction Toy Story Midway Mania. There is also a snack wagon and a gift shop in Pixar Place. There is a designated character greeting spot where you can meet and greet some of your Toy Story favorites. The Green Army men can often be found signing autographs so don't forget your autograph books.

Pixar Place at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Look around the area and you will see all kinds of fun oversized toys and will more than likely take you back to your childhood. There is a giant Barrel of Monkeys, scrabble tiles are embedded in the sidewalk and a scrabble broad hanging on a building that has "you have a friend in me" spelled out in tiles. The monkeys are connected arm to arm and hang across Disneys Pixar Place dangling from the buildings. All of these not so little touches are all part of the magic of Disney.

Toy Story Midway Mania

Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney's Hollywood Studios

If you are a fan of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom, then you will certainly love Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Mr. Potato Head at Toy Story Midway Mania

The fun starts the minute you walk into the attraction. A large audio animatronics Mr. Potato Head greets you in line and exclaims "It's a ride that's a game. It's a game that's a ride," then he goes on to invite the guests to "Step right up and see what's inside".

Giant View Master Reel at Toy Story Midway Mania

The inside is decorated to look like Woody's bedroom. Murals line the walls and toys are everywhere. Everything in the room is huge which gives you a view of Woody's room from the perspective of a toy. Bookshelves are lined with childhood classics and board games. Tinker Toys and other things like View Master Reels are thrown about on the floor and excitement is in the air. It made the inner child in me want to sit in the floor and play with all of the toys.

Woody at Toy Story Midway Mania

You'll have plenty of time to take in the scenery while you wait in line. The wait can be rather ridicules because this is still such a new ride. We were there in November and the wait never got below 90 minutes. Fastpasses are available but they tend to run out very, very quickly. My advice would be for you to get there right when the park opens to snag a Fastpass and then get in the standby line. Early morning wait times are the shortest of the day and when you are done, hopefully you can turn right around and use your Fastpass.

We were lucky enough to be there a few days before the official opening day and got to ride it several times in the single rider line. The standby time was almost 2 hours but we only waited 20 minutes in the single rider line. But, back in November the single rider line was not available anymore. I'm not sure if it has been removed for good or just because of the holidays. I guess we will find out on our next visit.

While in line you'll be given a pair of 3D glasses to wear during the ride. The ride vehicle seats four people in back to back pairs. The ride is very high tech and is almost like playing a virtual video game. The vehicle will whirl you pass several classic carnival style games that are hosted by some of your favorite characters from the Toy Story movies. The carnival atmosphere is so life like that I expected to hear a carnival barker yell step right up and play to win a prize.

Midway Mania Ride Vehicle

Everyone in the vehicle has a spring loaded toy cannon that is your action shooter which is used to launch virtual projectiles at the different targets in each games. Before the score begins to count you get to warm up by throwing pies for target practice. You'll then start competing to see who can get the high score.

The first game is Hamm and Eggs. This is an egg toss game that allows you to launch plastic virtual eggs at barnyard targets.

The second game is Bo Peep's Baaa-loon Pop. Launch virtual darts at sheep shaped balloons, trees and other objects to rack up points.

The third game is the Green Army Men Shoot Camp. In this game you get to throw baseballs to try to break plates.

Next, is the ring toss game with Buzz Lightyear's flying Tossers. Toss rings at Little Green Aliens.

And finally, you can launch suction cup style darts at Woody's Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery. A bonus roundup encourages one last rapid fire at a super target for get extra points. In each of the games, there is at least one "Easter egg" target. If you hit this special target it triggers the appearance of bonus high-value targets and other changes in the scene. At the end of the game your scores are tallied and posted on the screen for you to compare your score against the scores of others.

Like most video games, this ride can become addictive. Once you ride it once, you'll want to ride it over and over again!

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

Midway Mania is in 3D. It looks like you are really shooting darts and throwing baseballs at the different targets.

Kid Commentary from Ruby age 11

This ride is so much fun because it lets you play carnival games in 3D.

Disneys Pixar Place Dining

Hey Howdy Hey Take Away is a snack cart in Disneys Pixar Place that looks like a covered wagon. It sells refreshments like Frozen carbonated drinks, ice cream, chips, popcorn, soda and water. On one side of the cart or wagon there is a giant Woody cookie jar and on the other side there is a giant Woody's Roundup thermos.

Disneys Pixar Place Shopping

There is also a small gift shop next to the snack cart in Disneys Pixar Place. I am not aware if it actually has a name or not but the shop sells toys and clothing from the Toy Story movies. The decorations in this outdoor shop are toys. One wall is an open Battleship game that has the ships and pegs side of the game up on the ceiling and the other side is used as shelves to stock toys.

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