Disney Test Track

Disney's Test Track in Epcot

Disney Test Track is fast and fun, but there isn't any need to worry about getting car sick. The mild 5 minute ride takes you through a series of safety tests just like those you would find being preformed at the real General Motors Proving Grounds. This ride is perfect for those who like the thrill of going fast but do not like the inversions or twists that some of the Disney's other thrill rides have.

The fun begins while you wait in line. Along the way you will see test dummies and other testing equipment like tires, brakes and airbags. All the tests and equipment are used to ensure that a vehicle passes strict safety requirements. There is so much to see, to read and to learn about that the wait doesn't seem long at all. The wait can sometimes be as long as 2 hours so be sure to use the Fast Pass option if still available. If not, try the single rider line. It usually moves quickly but the people in your group will be split up for the ride.

Once you have almost made it to the end of the line you are lead into a briefing room. This is where you will learn about the types of tests your vehicle will be subject to during the ride or on the proving grounds. The two technicians on the overhead monitors choose the test sequence that your car will be put through. The sequence includes an acceleration test, a suspension and environmental test, and finally the crash barrier test.

Test Track Pavilion Outside Track

The suspension test takes you through a bumpy section of road. The environmental test tests how well the vehicle can withstand extreme hot and cold weather. You even get to test the difference between braking with and without anti-lock brakes. But the best test is the barrier crash test. Just when you think that you will hit the wall in front of you it opens up and your car speeds outside. The outside test track takes you on a series of banked turns and straight always at a top speed of 65 mph. So hold onto your sunglasses and hat, open your eyes and get a bird's eye view of Epcot as you speed around the pavilion.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

This ride is fun because it goes really fast. If the line is too long try the single rider line. It is usually faster if you don't mind riding my yourself.

Kid Commentary from Drew age 15

This ride is fast and fun. You kind of take the place of a crash test dummy during all sorts of safety tests.

Kid Commentary from Ruby age 11

I love Disney Test Track because it goes really fast. I like going through all the road tests, it is so much fun.

General Moters Showoom at the Test Track Pavilion in Epcot.

To exit the ride you must walk through a General Motors Showroom. It is stocked with plenty of new vehicles for you to inspect. Go ahead and take a peak inside one of them. There are not any sales people hanging around to pressure you for a sale so take your time and enjoy yourself.

Test Track Pavilion Gift Shop

You also have to pass through the Test Track Shop to exit the ride. The shop has plenty of GM merchandise along with Test Track clothes and souvenirs too.

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