Disney France Pavilion

The France pavilion in the World Showcase in Epcot.

The moment you walk over the footbridge that crosses the waterway separating the Disney France pavilion and the International Gateway you will feel as if you have stepped onto the streets of Paris. The Eiffel tower stands tall in the background as artists who are inspired by the scenery paint from the banks of the Seine (World Showcase Lagoon). Couples stroll along the cobblestone streets enjoying the sights, sounds, and intoxicating aromas from a nearby bakery.

The france pavilion at Epcot.

If you close your eyes, you might actually forget that you are at Disney instead of in Paris. I am not sure why, but my husband and I have always wanted to visit France and experience Paris firsthand. The pavilion at Epcot might be the closest we ever get to the real thing. That is why we soak it all in when we are at Disney. We enjoy every aspect of this pavilion, including the food, drink, scenery and the people.

Disney France Pavilion Attraction

The Impressions de France film at Epcot.

Impressions De France

If you want to get a glimpse of what the country is really like, make sure you see this 18 minute film. The sound of classical music fills the theater as scenes from some of the country's most beautiful locations appear on the screen. You will see the Eiffel Tower, the Gardens of Versailles, the French Alps and Cannes. The film also shows fairy-tale-like chateaus, Notre Dame, beautiful vineyards and the Cliffs of Normandy. The film is upbeat, informative and entertaining.

If you did not want to visit Paris before getting a taste of it at Epcot, you might just want to make Disneyland Paris your next Disney vacation.

Disney France Pavilion Entertainment

Serveur Amusant - This is an acrobatic act of sorts. Performers juggle vegetables and very carefully climb an unsteady tower of table and chairs. The show takes place out in front of the restaurant several times each day.

Disney France Pavilion Dining

The Chefs de France restaurant in the World Showcase at Epcot.

Chefs de France - We love to eat at this restaurant. The menu items are simple yet elegant. Some of the dishes we have tried include steak with Pommes Frites (fries), braised short ribs, and seared tuna. They also have chicken and seafood dishes available. Crusty bread is served before the meal. It goes well with the French onion soup. For dessert, consider the cheese plate or the crème brulee.

Bistro de Paris - This restaurant has a more upscale and intimate atmosphere. The menu items are more gourmet than the restaurant downstairs. Menu item include duck, lamb, scallops and lobster. Ask for a window seat as it offers a nice view over looking the promenade below and the Lagoon.

Boulangerie Patisserie - this is a quick counter service eatery that has a variety of French specialties. Our favorites include the croissants, quiches, and any of the pastries.

Crepes des chefs de France - This outdoor snack cart sells wonderful warm crepes filled with either chocolate or fruit. They also sell soft serve ice cream, beer and coffee.

There is also a specialty drink kiosk out in front of the restaurant that offers wine and champagne by the glass. You can also get frozen Grand Marnier drinks. Grab a drink and find a seat in the shade between France and Morocco and do a little people watching while you enjoy your drink.

Kid commentary from Drew age 15

If you like sweets, then France is the place to visit.

Kid commentary from Mack age 13

The pastries are the best!

Kid commentary from Ruby age 12

French desserts are the best.

Disney France Pavilion Shopping

Shopping for French Perfume in the France pavilion at Epcot.

Plume Et Palett - Offers a large selection of French perfumes and fragrant soaps.

La Signature - Guerlain cosmetics and fragrances.

L'Esprit de la Provence - This shop sells house wares, wooden spoons, rolling pins, aprons and a nice selection of cookbooks.

Les Vins de France - Wine and champagne sold by the glass or bottle.

Galerie des Halles - This shop is located in the back of the pavilion at the exit of the attraction. They sell clothing, posters, and books. Toys include Madeline dolls and stuffed Barber the Elephant and Ratatouille merchandise.

Parasol Kiosk - This cart is located outside along the bank of the Lagoon. They see a good selection of frilly parasols in many sizes and colors.

Disney France Pavilion Kid Activities

Kidcot - Tables are located in the Galerie des Halles. Kids can enjoy makings crafts related to the culture of the country.

Characters - Belle and the Beast and Princess Aurora often appear for pictures and autographs throughout the day.

Disney for Dads Disney for Dads Alert! - Dad, you can score some brownie points here and enjoy yourself at the same time. Take the wife to dinner at either of the restaurants in the French pavilion. Afterwards, get a few drinks from the Gran Marnier kiosk, sit on a bench facing the lagoon and watch the people go by. Later on you can see just enough of Illuminations from your seat when the lights go dim.

Back in the Day - As a kid, I was bored silly with France. That was until I found the sweet shop.

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