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Rafiki's Planet watch at disney's Animal Kingdom

Rafikis Animal Kingdom Planet Watch is Disney's Animal Kingdom's conservation headquarters. The exhibits in this section of the park are geared toward research and education. The focus is on how we can protect the environment and support wildlife preservation. The only way to get to this outlaying area of the park is by train.

Wildlife Express

The Wildlife Express Train takes guests to rafiki's Planet watch at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The Wildlife Express can be boarded at the train station in Harambe Village. The short five minute trip to Rafikis Planet Watch provided a behind-the-scenes look at some of the buildings used for night time lodging for some of the park's animals.

Throughout the ride a guide points out and gives a little information about the different buildings that are seen along the way.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

The train ride up to Rafiki's Animal Kingdom Planet Watch is cool.

Habitat Habit

The first area you encounter once you disembark the Wildlife Express is habitat habit. Habitat Habit is the pathway and surrounding trees, flowers, and wildlife. Signs are posted along the path to give suggestions to how animals can be attracted into our backyards. In other words, how we can share our world with the animal kingdom. This discovery trail leads to Conservation Station.

Conservation Station

Sign seen while on train traveling to conservation station.

Once inside Conservation Station you will have the opportunity to spend as much or as little time as you would like at the center's exhibits. The exhibits and interactive stations are listed below.

Animal Cams-Disney has strategically placed video cameras throughout the Animal Kingdom park so that guests can observe the animals in their natural habitats. Don't miss the chance to see and watch the different animals up close.

Eco Cams At Conservation Station in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Eco Web- This is a interactive computer station that can connect guests via the web with conservations efforts taking place in their own communities

Eco Heroes-This is an area where guests can "communicate" with Dr. Jane Goodall to learn about conservation how to care for animals in the wild.

Rafikis Planet Watch Video-This is a short video about endangered animals that is hosted by Rafiki.

Song of the Rainforest at Conservation Station.

Song of the Rainforest enter one of the family sized audio booths to hear a "3D" audio surround sound presentation of the rainforest. Some of the sounds are of rain, thunder, and buzzing insects.

Along the walls in the Conservation Center or Station are glassed in viewing areas that include a veterinarian clinic where minor procedures are done on various types of animals during the early morning hours. Another viewing area has snacks, spiders and poisonous dart frogs on display.

One of my favorite areas is the food preparation room where one of the animal caretakers prepares meals for the different animals. He/She will answer questions and even quiz you on what you think a particular animal might eat.

Affection Station at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Outside, there is a petting zoo of sorts, called the Affection Section. Guests can see and touch some of the animals like goats and sheep. After you leave the Affection Section make sure you wash your hands at the elephant fountain. Then head back to the train station for the trip back to Harambe village.

Shopping at Rafiki's Animal Kingdom Planet Watch

Out of the Wild-This open air shop is located outside and in back of conservation Station. They sell stuffed animals, books about animals and animal inspired clothing.

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