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DinoLand USA

DinoLand USA Entrance at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom DinoLand USA offers fun activities and rides for the whole family. This area is different from the other sections Disney's Animal Kingdom. It has more of an amusement park or carnival feel to it instead of it being a re=creation of a real place as in other areas of the park. Time spent walking through this section of the park reminds me of taking a road trip across the United States. There are roadside souvenir stands, camping trailers and of course roadside diners. And as in most small towns across America, there is a giant object or tower that displays whatever it is the town is famous for - like a giant peach, peanut or, in the case of Dinoland, it boasts a giant replica of a T-Rex.

The Boneyard

The Boneyard playground In DinoLand USA at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Kids under the age of ten will have a fun time on this dinosaur sized playground located just inside DinoLand USA. They can play on any number of slides, climbing ropes and nets or dig for fossil treasures in a sandy pit. There are several discovery tunnels to explore too. Don't forget to check out the Oldengate Bridge that is made from a dinosaur skeleton. It connects one side of The Boneyard with the other.

Parents should know that this is a good place to let the children play while other members of your family or group go to ride Dinosaur. The one thing that I do not like about this playground is that it is not easy to keep a constant eye on your children. The good thing is that there is only one exit so if you lose sight of your child, keep an eye on the exit to make sure they do not walk out of the playground while looking for you.

Chester and Hester's Dino-Roma!

Chester and Hester's Dino-Roma at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

This section of Animal Kingdom DinoLand USA is another good place for young children. This section has two rides, a snack stand and several midway style carnival games. The rides in this area are:

Primeval Whirl Roller Coaster at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Primeval Whirl - small spinning roller coaster is a wild ride. The ride vehicle is a 1950s brightly colored car or time machine that has a kitchen timer, a radio and an alarm clock for instruments. Your trip back in time takes travelers on a crazy maze of twists, turns and mild drops. It is a fun coaster, but if you are pregnant or prone to motion sickness, you might want to skip this one.

Kid Comentary from Ruby age 12

This is a fun ride because it jerks you.

Kid Commentary fram Mack age 13

It jerky and fun. Most parents want to sit this one out because it makes them sick.

Tricerotop Spin in DinoLand USA.

Triceratop Spin - This ride also spins, but it is as mild as Dumbo's Flying Elephants located at the Magic Kingdom. The only difference between this ride and Dumbo is that the lines are nowhere near as long in Animal Kingdom DinoLand USA. There are 16 flying dinosaurs to fly around in and enjoy the fun.

Fossil Fun Games in DinoLand USA at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Fossil Fun Games - Dinosaur inspired midway games that give guests the thrill and excitement of playing for and winning prizes. These games are offered at an additional cost.


Entrance to the ride Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Enter into the Dino Institute Discovery Center and prepare to take a very intense journey through time. The director of the institute greets you in the orientation room via video cam. She introduces you to the Time Rover that will be your ride vehicle or your mode of transportation back in time to the Age of the Dinosaurs. She plans on a peaceful visit, but her assistant has other plans. When she finishes her orientation and leaves the room, he changes the settings on the computer to take you back into time to just before the time when giant meteors destroyed the dinosaurs. The purpose of his trip for your group is to find and capture a Iquanodon and bring it back to the present day.

Sue the dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Once you strap yourself into the Time Rover prepare to be taken on a wild ride. You narrowly escape burning meteors and dodge out of the way of angry dinosaurs that want you as a snack. You might just find yourself grabbing onto the edge of your seat in fearful expectation.

When all is said and done, you and your group do indeed escape with your lives back to the present day in DinoLand USA. Young children and some adults who are afraid of the dark and/or of loud noises should skip this adventure.

Kid Commentary from Drew age 15

Dinosaur is cool, but it can give you a little scare.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

It is very dark and the ride is bumpy and sometimes scary but I like it. Small kids probably should sit this one out if being in the dark scares them.

Kid Commentary from Ruby age 12

I like this ride because it is dark. It makes it easy to scare my family.

Finding Nemo - The Musical

This 30 minute show is a fun retelling of the Disney Pixar 2003 hit movie Finding Nemo. The show uses 18 live performers in various roles to re-create the movie. The entire production is live. Your favorite characters from the movie are represented with costumed singers, dancers and puppet controllers. You will see Dory, Crush, Marlin and of course Nemo. The characters sing and dance as they operate and use puppets.

Performances take place several times each day in the Theater of the Wild. Check a Daily Times and show Guide for current show times.

Dining in Animal Kingdom DinoLand USA

Dino Diner is a snack cart  locted in Dino-Roma.

Dino Diner - Hot dogs, popcorn and slushes.

Restaurabtosaurus - This is a large counter service restaurant that serves burgers, hot dogs, salads, and chicken nuggets.

Petrifries - French Fries, cookies, and cold drinks.

Dino-Bite - Churros, pastries, hand dipped ice cream and yogurt.

Shopping in Animal Kingdom DinoLand USA

Dinosaur Treasure gift shop in DinoLand USA.

Chester and Hester's Dinosaur Treasures
- This shop looks like a road side souvenir stand smack dab in the middle of Animal Kingdom DinoLand USA. They sell toy reptiles and dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. Toys, candy and Disney logo clothes can also be purchased here.

The Dino Institute Shop - All things concerning dinosaurs can be found here including clothes, toys, and books.

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