Animal Kingdom
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Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

Animal Kingdom Camp Minnie-Mickey is home to a children's show that uses live animals to entertain and teach people to respect the forest and animals. Pocahontas teaches that man is the only "animal" that can save the forest from the dangers man creates. The overall message of this cute little show is that everyone has the responsibility to protect the forest and the animals that live there. Most preschoolers love Pocahontas and her forest friends.

Greeting Trails

You can meet some of Disney's most popular characters at the end of these greeting trails. Grab your cameras and your autograph books and prepare to introduce yourself to Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck. Winnie the Pooh and some of his friends like Piglet can often be found in this section of Camp Minnie-Mickey, too.

Festival of the Lion King

This high energy song and dance show celebrates the 1994 movie The Lion King. The festival begins with the introduction of the four main singers to the audience. Each singer is dressed in a tribal costume, and they each pick one of the four sections of the audience to represent a different animal. One group represents the Lion. Another group the elephant and so on. Later in the show the sections compete against one another to see which one can make the loudest animal sounds.

After the introductions, I just Can't Wait to Be King is preformed with over 40 additional performers joining in the fun. All are dressed in bright colored costumes made of leotards, skirts, head pieces, cuffs, tails and makeup. Four parade floats are brought out into the theater. One float has Simba standing tall on Pride Rock. Timon, the MC, introduces an acrobatic group of tumbling monkeys that jump, flip and fly across the stage using a trampoline, bars and a flying trapeze set to entertain everyone.

The performers sing a few more hit songs from the movie like Can You Feel the Love Tonight and the Circle of Life. It has been a while since I have seen the Movie The Lion King, but seeing this show with its amazing interpretation of the movie has made me want to sit down and watch the movie again.

Animal Kingdom Camp Minnie-Mickey Dining

Camp Soft Serve - Serves up soft serve ice cream of course!

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