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The Asia section of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

When you go across the bridge into Animal Kingdom Asia from Discovery Island you enter the tranquil village of Anandapur. The design of the village and of the buildings were modeled after those that are found in he countries of Indonesia and Thailand. Disney's little village of Anandapur borders a southeast Asian rainforest.

This section of the Animal Kingdom park is a destination in and of itself. Where else but at Disney can you trek up a snow capped mountain, swoosh down a wild raging river and encounter majestic Asian tigers all in the same little village.

Kid Commentary fom Ruby age 12

I like watching the monkeys that are near the Kali River rapids ride. They swing from limbs and vines.

Animal Kingdom Asia
Flights of Wonder

Flights of Wonder is a 20 minute show that celebrates some of Disney's high flying feathered friends. The trainers use commands to demonstrate the natural behaviors of the birds. Some of the birds that you might see include hawks, owls, cranes and even an occasional chicken. The show is hosted by an explorer, or tour guide, that keeps the action going with a little comic relief.

Even though this show takes place outdoors in Animal Kingdom Asia it is in the shade. So try to visit during the middle of the day to get some relief from the Florida sun. Seeing the show is a good way to rest your tired feet for a few minutes too.

Animal Kingdom Asia
Maharaja Jungle Trek

The Maharaja Jungle Trek in Animal Kingdom Asia takes you on a journey through the ruins of an ancient palace. This trek is a self guided, self paced walking tour. Along the way you will encounter some unusual and rather magnificent animals. Some of the animals that you will likely see include fruit bats, a komodo dragon and beautiful tigers.

The first stop on the tour is where you have the chance to see the Komodo Dragon. I say you have a chance because it hides itself well in its natural environment. If you do not see the dragon (giant lizard) at first, keep looking. He is in there somewhere.

The next part of the walking tour is to see the fruit bats. Some of these fruit bats can have a wing span of up to six feet. They hang upside down while feasting on foods like lettuce leaves, watermelon and cantaloups. For me, seeing the bats is always a little creepy but I feel better knowing that they cannot fit through the bars that enclose them.

As you continue to walk on through the ruins, you will encounter the tigers. How beautiful and magnificent are the tigers as they sit there watching you watch them.

Kid Commentary from Drew age 15

The bats are huge! They like to eat lettuce and watermelon.

Animal Kingdom Asia
Kali River Rapids

Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Travel down the raging waters of the Kali River. The rapids swish you down the river through the beautiful rainforest. Just when you start to relax and enjoy the trip, trouble sneaks up on you around the next river bend. The water seems to get rougher with every turn and the rainforest has been destroyed by loggers. The trees have been cut and the forest has been set on fire. The air is thick with smoke, and it is difficult to see but the rapids move your raft down river quickly.

I have to admit, Kali River Rapids is my favorite ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom. However, I always save the best for last. Why? Take notice of the sign as you enter the ride that says, "YOU WILL GET WET, YOU MIGHT BE SOAKED". This warning should be taken seriously. I either leave the ride completely soaked or almost dry. More often than not, I exit the ride soaked from head to toe, including my socks and shoes.

Kali River Rapid Raft in Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

If we save Kali River Rapids until right before we leave the park, we can get off the ride then head back to our hotel room to change clothes. Do not worry about your personal belongings getting wet. The 10 person raft has a center storage well that is covered so that everything stays dry.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

I like to go down the waterfall backwards because it will totally soak you.

Kid Comentary from Ruby age 12

There is a button near the observation bridge that you can push to squirt people, who are riding in the raft, as they pass under the bridge at the end of the ride.

Kid Commentary from Mack age 13

Want to cool off? Head to Kali River rapids and prepare to get soaked.

Animal Kingdom Asia
Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Are you brave enough to take on Expedition Everest and the Yeti? The Yeti is otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman who stands guard and protects Mt. Everest. If you dare to challenge the Yeti, then climb on board the rusty old train car, buckle up and brace yourself for an exciting adventure.

Your trip begins rather calmly and without incident. That all changes when the train reaches the top of the mountain. The train suddenly stops and it does not take you and everyone else on the train long to see why. The tracks ahead of you have been ripped up and twisted by something very big and very strong. As you sit there waiting for the train to move, you might notice the very big footprints in the snow beside the train tracks. What in the world could have made those?

Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Then suddenly, without warning, your train falls backwards down into the dark mountain. Then the train circles out around the mountain and back inside to face the angry Yeti as he continues to rip up more train track. Just as you reach the monster, the train drops down out of harm's way back into the safety of the village below.

Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Expedition Everest doesn't twist upside down or do any loops, but it does climb up to around 200 feet, drops 80 feet, stops twice, and switches tracks a few times. Oh, and don't forget that it goes backwards too. This big adventure coaster is for everyone in the family as long as you do not have any neck or back problems, heart trouble, and are not pregnant. You also must be at least 44 inches tall to ride.

Kid Commentary from Drew age 15

Everest is awesome because it goes backwards and down steep drops.

Kid Commentary from Ruby age 12

Everest is fast,and the yeti looks so real. I like to try to touch him but I never can.

Kid commentary from Mack age 13

I feel like I am floating out of my seat on the big drops on Everest. My favorite place to ride is in the back seat because you get to go first and last. How? The ride goes forward and backwards.

Dining in Animal Kingdom Asia

Yak and Yeti Restaurant in Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Yak and Yeti Restaurant - The Yak and Yeti is the only table service restaurant inside the park. They serve up Asian inspired dishes like pork eggrolls, mahi mahi with garlic sauce and peanut butter, and salmon with stir fry vegetables. If you still have room, you can top your meal off with fried sweet wontons or mango pie.

Yak and Yeti local food Cafe` - This counter service cafe` in Animal Kingdom Asia is one of the kids favorites.They serve Asian inspired dishes like honey chicken, shrimp lomein and sweet and sour pork.

Anandapur Tea Company in Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Royal Anandapur Tea Company - This is a snack stand that sells hot and cold Asian teas and a few light snacks.

Anandapur Ice Cream - A good place to get soft serve and other novelty ice cream treats.

Slush Cart - This snack cart sells slushy frozen lemonade and hot soft pretzels.

Yak and Yeti Bar - Cool off on a hot day with a Asian beer, a frozen margarita or a mango daiquiri. This is my husband's favorite (and mandatory) stop.

Shopping In Animal Kingdom Asia

Asia in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Mandala Gifts - Asia inspired gifts like wind chimes, incense burners, Bonsai tree kits and other souvenirs with the Animal Kingdom logo.

Serka Kong Bazaar - This shop is located at the exit of Expedition Everest. They sell clothes, toys, and other souvenirs with the Yeti theme.

Disney for Dads

Disney for Dads Alert! - A word to the wise Dad: Either bring or purchase a small rain poncho if you want to ride Kali River Rapids. It is a fun attraction. But, being wet the rest of the day is just plain miserable.

As you exit the ride, be sure to pass the poncho on to the next Dad in line. Disney sells dry socks for kids in a kiosk at the ride exit. Also, the bathrooms at the exit contain hand blow-dryers that work pretty well on outer clothes!

Back in the Day - I remember embarassing my children tremendously by ringing the bells found all through the Expedition Everest queue. But now that they are older, they find it fun to ring the bells themselves! Oh, well.

So, what's your favorite loving way to embarass the kids? Click on the Sail With The Tide link above and tell us.

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