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If music is your thing and you are on a budget, Disney's All-Star Music Resort might be the perfect place for you to stay on your next Disney vacation. This resort offers the convenience of staying in the middle of the magic at a value price.

If you choose to stay on property at a Disney resort, you can take advantage of the various types of transportation that Disney offers. The All-Star Music Resort offers bus transportation which is provided about every 20 minutes from the resort's main building. These buses will take you to the different theme parks, water parks and Downtown Disney.

Staying at a Disney resort will also allow you to spend a little more time in the parks because as a Disney resort guest you can play during the extended hours that are not offered to the general public.

The All-Star Music Resort is no different from the other All-Star resorts except for its theme which, of course, is music. The 1,920 rooms offered here are divided into ten three-story buildings.

Each style of music that is represented has two buildings dedicated to its theme or style. The different styles of music are Jazz, Rock, Country, Broadway, and Calypso. Each style or theme of music has giant instruments and various other musical symbols that decorate the buildings, pools, and courtyards.

All Star Music Jazz

All Star Music Maracas

Each theme also extends into the rooms. The wall paper border, wall art and bed spreads are all part of the musical motif. Otherwise, the rooms are your typical standard hotel rooms.

Each room has two double beds or one king bed, a table with two chairs, a night stand, a small dresser and a TV. The bathrooms have two separate areas. One area has the tub/shower and a toilet, and the second area has the sink and vanity. The two areas are separated by a door that allows for some privacy when needed. These rooms can sleep up to four people.

If your family is larger or you just want a little more space, this resort also offers family suites. Each suite has two rooms and can sleep up to six people. The master bedroom has a king bed, a desk and a TV. The living area has a sofa that opens up into a double bed and a chair with ottoman that opens to make two single beds. This sitting area also has a coffee table and a TV.

The suites have a small kitchenette that includes a sink, microwave, coffee maker and a small under the counter refrigerator. The suites have two full bathrooms with separate vanities. The size of the suites are double that of regular rooms at 520 square feet. The All-Star Music Resort is the only resort that offers these larger accommodations.

All Star Music Resort Calypso Pool All Star Music Intermission Food Court

The resort has two swimming pools. The main pool is the guitar-shaped Calypso Pool. The second pool is smaller and is in the shape of a grand piano. A kiddie pool is also available. Water depth at both pools range from 3-5 feet. There are not any slides at any of the All-Star resort pools. Other recreation at the resort includes an arcade located in the main building and a playground.

All Star Music Intermission Food Court

The main building is Melody Hall. The resort's lobby and front desk are located in this main building. A gift shop and the Intermission Food Court can be found here as well. This is a counter service type eatery that offers a wide variety of different foods to enjoy.

Prices at the All-Star Music Resort vary by season. In value season the price can be as low as $82.00/night for the standard room to $152.00/night during the holidays. Prices for the family suites run from $184.00/night in value season to $315.00/night during major holidays.

Before you make reservations, do your homework and know what to expect from the resort. Don't expect the extra little luxuries that you will find at the deluxe or even the moderate resorts. You will not find things like Mickey branded shampoo and soaps in the bathroom. The towels are not as thick and plush either.

Towels are not provided at the pool. You will need to take the towels from your room to use at the pool. What the All-Star Music Resort does offer is a clean, comfortable place to play and stay in the middle of the magic of Disney.

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